Summer Road Trip Images

Working on a continuing theme of Road trips and Americana here are some of the images I created this June on the road to Michigan, Atlanta  and New York City.  These are all created with in camera techniques using special lenses on my Canon 5D Mark III camera.  All the images are processed using Lightroom and there is no post special effects on these images.  Hope you enjoy some of my creativity, it’s nice to have the balance of commercial and fine art imagery without deadlines and budgets.

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Read more.. Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Outback Steak House

When you are shooting at an open facility you always have to work around the clientele. This assignment for Outback Steakhouse was no different, we arrived at the location at 10:30pm right after they closed and started our production. The key with limited space and a ton of talent and wardrobe is to pre scout and plan. We had a bunch of images we needed to create in a limited amount of time and space. We created a production area for the stylist to work in with out being in the shoot and having to move and start all over. We create a library of images for the client to use in upcoming advertising promotion.

Here’s a few out takes from the night.

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Read more.. Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Bonefish Grill – Lifestyle shoot

This project for Bonefish Grill was shot on location at a newly built restaurant populated with talent and extras.  With a team of stylist, assistant and makeup crew, we worked closely with the client to created all these images and more during this one-day production.

When creating scenarios with people and food you have to pay special attention to both food and the energy of the talent.  That’s when having a great team pays off to catch all the little details.

The final images are being used for advertising and web promotion for new food items being introduced that included the New In the Shooter- Oyster shooters or Made in the Dough- Doughnuts.  The clients were extremely happy with the end results and we have done more projects since this shoot.

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Read more.. Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Sea Ray Boats and Jack Morton Advertising agency

The project was a Co-Op with Sea Ray Boats and GMC trucks to create a 12ft X 10ft displays for Home and Boat shows.  At these shows the trucks will be parked in front of the boat mural to give it the perspective of the boat being pulled.  We work closely with Jack Morton production team to make sure the trailer tongue was positioned at the proper height when the display is assembled.  Working with different Sea Ray dealerships to coordinate boat/trailer to be delivered at multiply location through out Florida was the next challenge that we over came with a little flexibility and money!

The Ad Agency Jack Morton and the Art Director enjoyed shooting in Florida during he winter time and did not miss the winter storm that was happing North of us. It was great working with the Jack Morton team and Thanks again to my agents at Getty.

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Read more.. Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Forbes Magazine Photo Editorial of Billionaire Jorge Perez

This editorial shoot for Forbes Magazine during the construction of the new Perez Art Museum Miami ([/caption].org”>PAMM). This was a interesting shoot logistically since the museum was still under construction and there was no power in many of the rooms and no elevators for equipment. My assistant Joe was a trooper caring the Profoto Pro B up and down flights. I too had to carry precious equipment, the Forbes writer form NYC Morgan was wear her chic suede heels and I gave her a piggyback ride across the active muddy construction site to clean ground. Being a photographer and a Boy Scout you never know what duties may present themselves.

The shoot went great and Mr Perez was an excellent subject to work with, especially since we had limited time with him. Here is a short excerpt from the article.

Touring PAMM With Billionaire Jorge Perez
Billionaire real estate developer Jorge Perez donated $40 million to the Miami Art Museum in 2011. The gift, half in art from his personal collection and half in cash, was bequeathed on the condition that the institution be renamed after Perez in perpetuity. The resulting Perez Art Museum Miami, housed in a new building, will open its doors in December 2013 during the Art Basel Miami Beach festival. Many works once housed inside the billionaire philanthropist’s residence now grace the walls.

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Read more.. Monday, December 16th, 2013

New equipment test- Video Gorilla Pod

Over the Holidays, I received a new piece of video equipment that allows me more flexibility to capture video from tight spots. I was vacation at the Everglades National Park, camping, fishing and boating around the tip of Florida. I decided to try it out for the first time by having it dangle of my boat going 35 mph zooming in and out of the mangroves and cruising with the dolphins. It worked out great and I am looking forward to using it more.

Check out the video I created.

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Read more.. Monday, January 2nd, 2012

30 Seconds in Paris

This exciting 30 seconds through the streets and monuments of Paris, France.

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Read more.. Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Global Ad Campaign- Rio, Paris, NYC, Las Vegas & New Orleans

This assignment took me to 3 continents and 5 different locations. The creative brief was to illustrate the change of day to night at these iconic locations. The client was an eye glass company that manufacturers transitional lenses that changes with the light. Working with the creative team at the advertising agency, I was able to create different angles and perspectives for each location to give the agency options on this project.

These are the five retouched locations I created during this project.

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Read more.. Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Family time at Top Ridge in the Adirondacks

For this recent shoot for Top Ridge Resorts, I created video as well as
still imagery for the ad campaign. This location is in North Creek, NY, in
the beautiful Adirondack State Park. The Creative Director was looking for
imagery that told a story as well as conveying a family friendly atmosphere.

Other motion crews I’ve recently directed include crews for the I LOVE NY
Tourism Campaign and several pharmaceutical companies.

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Read more.. Friday, March 25th, 2011

Rio de Janerio

This was location 4 of 5 for this global campaign and the third different time zone this week.  Next week will be the greatest difference in time zones… Rio to Miami for 36 hours then Miami to Paris then back to Miami….then to New York.

Luckily,  I had a great producer in Rio and all the logistics were already  taken care of when the driver picked me up at the airport. Permits, Suntan Lotion and Security personal were on the top of my list.  Derek from Capture Brazil had everything covered and we were able to location scout all the key locations in one day.  A little pre production goes a long way.

On the shoot day it was perfect weather and the only real issue we had came from Mother Nature and the Full moon.  We were shooting on the beach and the tides happen to be a little higher than normal.  We had some fun during the day building a wall of sand around the tripod. The vantage point we wanted was close to the normal high tide level on the beach, but the tide was not normal that day.  As you will see in the photo and video we had our job cut out for us.   My security officer  a Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (Portuguese for Special Police Operations Battalion) had us covered with fanny pack full of toys.

We all had a good time and I was able to get the angle the the client requested, so the shoot was a success.  It was my Birthday (Big 40) during the shoot dates and since we had great weather during the shoot.  I was able to visit some of the historic sites…. All work no play makes James a Dull photographer :-)

Look for the final images after the campaign is launched.

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Read more.. Friday, January 21st, 2011
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