United Way GIving Campaign

With donations, the United Way of Miami-Dade is working to prepare children to enter school ready to learn, to build strong reading skills by third grade, to remain socially and academically engaged in school and to graduate on-time and college- or workforce-ready.

This assignment was to photography real kids in the United Way school programs to promote the future skills and strengths they learn in the United Way programs locally. This was a fun day for the kids who wanted to participate in the program where they received rewards to be used for water cannons to squirt their teachers. I was happy that none of the water was directed in my direction.

This was part of a multi-day shoot for United Way of Miami-Dade giving campaign.

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Read more.. Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Quick Trip to Cali BW Art

I was out in California shooting a portrait for a magazine editorial and lucked out to arrive just after the 2 weeks of rain.  The weather was great and I had some free time to walk around Ventura and shoot for my travel series.  Visit my Blog for more images from this historic surf area.

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Read more.. Monday, January 30th, 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Big Toe Photo Productions and James McEntee wish you the Best from Florida!

Call us when you need a little warmth and sunshine

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Read more.. Monday, December 19th, 2016

Shire Pharmaceuticals multi agency photo production.

This 3 day shoot in Miami, Florida was for a Pharma company based in the USA and UK. This project was unique since we were shooting two sets of talent (each market) in the same location with different angles and props. We shot at multiply locations including a restaurant, house, beach, cityscape and a park. With multiply locations coordinating all the motorhomes, prop cars and 30+ crew can sometimes be an issue… if not properly produced, luckily we had a great producer and planned all the details out in our production guide. Working closely with the producer is essential to stay on time and in budget, so everyone is on the same page on the shoot days. Clients love great photography and smooth productions, We like to give clients the best we can and they appreciate.

“James, Thanks for the images and for accommodating us all day. These images look TREMENDOUS! ” Doug- Creative Director

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Read more.. Friday, October 14th, 2016

On Location for CNN during Hurricane Matthew

October 6th a Thursday afternoon hours before Ft Lauderdale – Miami area was suppose to feel the effects of the category 4 Hurricane Matthew, I receive a call from my New York Photo Agent Verbatim.  CNN wanted me to cover the Hurricane Matthew from South Beach, Florida and I needed to book a room and get down there ASAP.  So quickly, I found a suite with kitchen at the W hotel with a oceanfront balcony view ,so I could capture the storm from a cool vantage point.   I sent all the info to the client and they approved it, so I was just about to head down to South Beach just as the first bands were reaching us… then I get a call from CNN that I needed to change directions and head North.  I recall my original conversation saying that I should head North originally, but now it was to late in the game to do a 180 degree turn and still be Safe.

I quickly headed north to the beach before they closed the roads at 3pm and I would supposedly be trapped in my neighborhood without the shoot.  Driving down to the beach it was like a ghost town just a few cars out on the road (mostly news trucks) and no one outside…very erie!   As I get prime parking at commercial pier to photograph the waves hammering the pier I start to see the first signs of life… a group of people having a hurricane party tucked into a sheltered nook of the Aruba Restaurant that was closed.  Closer to the beach I saw the brave few taking selfies and catching the huge surf enjoying mother nature’s pounding rain and wind.  I traveled up A1A to Pompano Pier where I found a mother and son who wanted to see the beach, but got caught in torrential rain and a few people walking their dogs… I guess Nature was really calling!

Made it home just as it was getting dark so I can upload my images to the CNN newsdesk while I still had power and internet.  Around 6 pm I received a call from CNN to see if I could goto Melbourne tonight ;-) … I explained that wasn’t going to happen because it would be to dangerous to travel without having shelter prearranged, put I would wake up at 4am to head on up for sunrise at 7am.  4 am arrives and the Hurricane was just reaching the area and I had to wait an extra hour so I would have a little bit of daylight when I reached the Melbourne area for the morning deadlines.

My car was my shelter and work area for the rest of the day’s I could be on location.  I didn’t know if I would be in the area covering the destruction for days or just a few hours.  I was prepared, as a Eagle Scout should be, I had water, swiss army knife, extra cloths, Red Bull and every adapter to plug in all the computer and camera in my car.  I wasn’t realy sure what I would find on my drive up US-1 north to Melbourne and beyond.  I was torn emotionally between being happy it didn’t look like Hurricanne Andrew (which I was in FLA for) and it didn’t look like Hurricane Andrew.  I was happy most people made it through the storm, but that lack of disaters make harder to find subject matter to shoot.

The worst hit of the area I was traveling was closer to Daytona Beach. I was slowly getting closer to and catching up to the eye there.  In the town of Live Oak, US-1 was down to one lane because of all the fallen trees and the storm was intensifying as I drove towards it.  Just before I had to turn around because I wasn’t to far from the Storm Eye and the weather was getting worst I found this trailer park that 50% of the homes were damaged.  Trailer parks always seem to have the most destruction in any storm and this was no exception.  I was happy that I didn’t see mass devastation like I saw in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew.

Man of my images through out the day were featured on CNN.com landing page and Flash banners.  It was a interesting assignment that I got to break in my new car and camera with some extreme elements!

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Read more.. Monday, October 10th, 2016

Lightning show at 10,000 iso

What a light show it was on Saturday night over the Atlantic Ocean in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Trying out the features of the New canon 5d Mark 4, I was shooting handheld at 10,000 iso speed and the motor drive. I thought the effects and grain was great, not to much grain noise and solid black channel.

I can’t wait to shoot some more with this camera.

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Read more.. Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Personal Project: Ship & Sea

This ongoing project of photographing ships in the ocean when I’m “out’n Bout” in the Atlantic Ocean in my 20ft center counsel Sea Fox boat the “Angry Beaver” off the coast of South Florida. Mother Nature creates a new background with different sunlight, clouds and the sea creating different moods and colors unique to that moment in time. When a man made vessel is included it changes the geometry and texture of the landscape, telling a different story.

I am creating a different mood and story that the viewer can imagine and wonder about being at sea and traveling the world.

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Read more.. Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Political Campaigns

Tis the season !  Working with a great group of people who specialize in Political advertising in Washington DC and Chicago, I have been shooting on location all over Florida.The assignment is to create a library of images to be used in the individuals political campaign to highlight their issue and create quality imagery of ordinary people. I always enjoy creating portraits of real people and leaving room for copy…lol.  I have left out the candidates since they all the campaigns are still in the works.

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Read more.. Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Summer Road Trip Images

Working on a continuing theme of Road trips and Americana here are some of the images I created this June on the road to Michigan, Atlanta  and New York City.  These are all created with in camera techniques using special lenses on my Canon 5D Mark III camera.  All the images are processed using Lightroom and there is no post special effects on these images.  Hope you enjoy some of my creativity, it’s nice to have the balance of commercial and fine art imagery without deadlines and budgets.

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Read more.. Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Emerald Coast Tourism Shoot

Here are a few selects from my multiday tourism shoot and a little background of this fun and interesting shoot with great behind the scene adventures.

The client wanted to add my style of motion and color to their new campaign to promote Destin Florida and the Emerald Coast.  This 3-day shoot we shoot on land and sea from sailboats to an inner tube surrounded by jellyfish… Luckily (amazing) I didn’t get stung on my legs floating in the water or lost in the fog.

Tourism shoot for Destin Florida with a giant redfish

Traveling to the panhandle of Florida from South Florida is a hike, doing it four times is a trek!  But that’s what some of my crew did from Miami 9 hours each way.  The ad agency travelled from New Orleans which was just 4 hours to this sandy paradise.   The first day of location scouting was a beautiful day sunny.  The online weather service apps were predicting the pretty much the same weather for the rest of the week.  I was a happy camper until we woke up the next day and we had a freak fog banks that didn’t burn of when the sun came up.  I calmly spoke with the client and told them…” Sometimes we have to hurry up and wait!” for mother nature.

We had to work within certain dates to complete the production so we would be paid. This was my first shoot ever that I had to postponed for weather delays.  I have an amazing weather service  http://www.wriwx.com Weather Routing Inc.  they have never failed to provide all the weather information in real time worldwide since 2002.  I was informed that this freak weather pattern wasn’t going to dissipate anytime that was budget friendly.  I worked with the creative team and crew to figure out a new timeline and budget, so we could complete this project without blowing the budget.

Visit my blog or website for more information.  Don’t forget to follow me on Social media SM @jamesmcentee all SM

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Read more.. Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Behind the Scene on my working Birthday!

It seems like I am shooting on my Birthday more often than not. For my 40th, I was in Rio de Janeiro shooting for Vision Ease Lens and this year I was in Miami. It was a great crew and the location we were shooting at created an amazing Birthday/Crew Lunch for us.  Thank you Bocce in mid town Miami for your hospitality and three course lunch…a first for me on a photoshoot… Normally it’s … Eat when you can!


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Read more.. Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Route 66 Photography Road Trip!

A Journey across Route 66. This personal project photographing Route 66 communicating with color, texture and subject to show the viewer my vision and journey. This disappearing historic route has to many places to explore in one road trip. I will be back! Hope you enjoy a glimpse into my adventure. Technical & Creative Note- NONE of these images have any Photoshop retouching or filters applied BTW. I wanted to get back to old school camera techniques. #route66 #roadtrip #jamesmcentee #California #travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourist #tourism #vacation #traveling #Arizona #newmexico #sedona #photooftheday #color #wow #yellow #green #americana #dinosaur #pink #crash #greeneyes #Albuquerque #central #shawna

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Read more.. Friday, January 1st, 2016

GMC Trucks & Sea Ray Production

Working with a Detroit Ad Agency & my reps at Getty we were awarded this project shooting for GMC and Sea Ray Boats.  The end product was 12×15 foot banners to be used at home & boat shows. The corresponding GMC Truck  would be parked in front of the displays.  With the GMC trucks parked it gave the view facade of the Sea Ray Boats being towed behind it…  This could be you  ;-) !
After extensive location scouting we found an area that suited all our projects needs for the original 4 Sea Rays we shot in the Tampa area of Florida.  Working closely with the local Sea Ray dealer our production team coordinated with the drivers and detailers to make sure everyone understood what we needed and when.  They did a great job and they enjoyed watching how all the magic is made.   We had great weather (as planned) and we were able to shoot at 2-3 locations a day to give the agency some options…I love giving options!   
Technically we had to work with the display manufacturers to create the correct angles and heights of the trailer hitches.  We wanted to make sure the displays looked great close up so we reached out to Chris Snipes at capture integration for our digital needs.  Chris was great he was on set when needed and super accommodating working with our timeline.
The Agency and Client loved everything from the selection of images to the ease of the working with the team and our communication.  Shortly after they decided to expand the campaign and we shoot down in the Florida Keys for the fifth Sea Ray boat.
Look at my other post to see time elapse Go-Pro videos of this production.

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Read more.. Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Outback Steak House

When you are shooting at an open facility you always have to work around the clientele. This assignment for Outback Steakhouse was no different, we arrived at the location at 10:30pm right after they closed and started our production. The key with limited space and a ton of talent and wardrobe is to pre scout and plan. We had a bunch of images we needed to create in a limited amount of time and space. We created a production area for the stylist to work in without being in the shoot and having to move and start all over. We create a library of images for the client to use in upcoming advertising promotion.

Here’s a few out takes from the night.

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Read more.. Saturday, September 26th, 2015

The Seven Deadly SinWiches- A photo series

This was a personal project I created with my amazing food stylist Kimberly.  We took the concept of the bible seven deadly sins and created motion and still imagery that represented our concept.  This was a fun and created projected that we worked on over the summer shooting 1 or 2 shots a day.  Since we were shooting motion and still we wanted to capture the entire process to give the viewer the feel of each sin.  For example Sloth weighed 24 lbs by the time we were finished adding all the potatoes, turkey and the piece of apple pie for the topper.

Here is the final still imagery.  Check out the video on the following blog post.

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Read more.. Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

United Way of Miami-Dade Annual report

For this year annual report for the United Way of Miami-Dade UWMD we shot in tandem with a video crew and still crew. UWMD helps the community with many different programs to help the community grow and succeed. I always enjoy photo stories that involve real people and real stories of success which this assignment was all about. This year I was lucky to meet all these successful people that they won’t be where they are now with out United Way.

Meeting each generation that the programs help and seeing the end result of people who grew up in the UWMD community. All the subjects I photographed are real everyday people.

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Read more.. Monday, August 10th, 2015

The Seven Deadly SinWiches

A Series of Motion & Still Images based on the Bible
This personal project is based on the Seven Deadly Sins from the Bible my stylist Kimberly Tabor and I created.  We shot Video and Still images to showcase each Sin-Wich, we created each sandwich with ingredients we thought represented each off the Deadly Sins.  We wanted to go over the top for the imagery we were creating and you will notice that with from the toppers we used, bottles of champagne or Fiery Fuel. 
The Photo Food Guru is a boutique studio specializing in the Art of Food imagery.  Motion, Still Photography or both we can produce and create whatever your food imagery needs maybe. 

James McEntee team of profession stylist, producers and account liaisons will work closely with you to achieve the client’s needs and expectations.

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Read more.. Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Motion & Still Imagery for Mississippi Power & Lights

This Production for Mississippi Power was to creating motion & still imagery for Peter Mayer Advertising in New Orleans.  We created a media library of still and motion imagery over this week-long production in Florida and Mississippi

We shot at multiple houses, parks and MS power facilities during this production.

We had a great production company www.bigtoephotoproductions.com that handled the multi-state production and location scouting.  When you have a great creative team, they can work together to get anything accomplished … and having a budget doesn’t hurt either.

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Read more.. Thursday, June 4th, 2015

PlayGround Stars Clothing editorial

PlayGround Stars wants to pioneer a new generation of patrons with our unique fashion apparel and our new and innovative designs. By creating and renewing the designs based on the newest fashion trends, the creation of new fashion trends, and by improving the quality of material of the apparel. PG Stars will stay on the cutting edge of fashion and, while managing to upgrade comfort, quality and performance for patrons, entertainers, athletes and their teams.

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Read more.. Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Bonefish Grill – Lifestyle shoot

This project for Bonefish Grill was shot on location at a newly built restaurant populated with talent and extras.  With a team of stylist, assistant and makeup crew, we worked closely with the client to create all these images and more during this one-day production.

When creating scenarios with people and food you must pay special attention to both food and the energy of the talent.  That’s when having a great team pays off to catch all the little details.

The final images are being used for advertising and web promotion for new food items being introduced that included the New in the Shooter- Oyster shooters or Made in the Dough- Doughnuts.  The clients were extremely happy with the end results and we have done more projects since this shoot.

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Read more.. Saturday, February 21st, 2015
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